Thursday, August 6, 2009


I’ve started going to a new gym. Still 24 hour fitness, just another location. Or, yet another location I should say. I currently push plates at the one up north, the one on Yale, the one on Hampton, the one on Alameda, the one on Lowry, and Uh…I think there’s another one somewhere. Now I’ve started liftn in the Meridian. Yes, I know you don’t know any of these Denver locations, that’s okay. Let’s just say they’re all over Denver.

I started this week at the Meridian gym because I was going to the creepy 24 hour fitness on Quebec in Highlands Ranch. Creepy, I felt like I was in the fitness facility at a retirement home. Although no one used the free weights But, they smelled like Ben-gay. The new gym is completely filled with CEOs from the glass towers around that area and Dudes from Parker, CO. Let’s just say it has the cultural diversity of Vidor, Texas. I was doing chest yesterday when I looked around a realized that all the Dudes where wearing the same thing. That sleeveless muscle shirt cut all the way down the side. It was dude clones. Like this, but not frickin nearly as cool as Nasty Pig. Just saying.

So, I guess I didn’t need to spend an hour watching them each mirror f#$k after every set then go around and punch each other saying "Dude I'm ripped!" but, you know. Research. I didn't think that guys said "ripped" anymore. Now I know.

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Howard said...

Rough Trade can be so hot.