Thursday, August 27, 2009

Please StevieB's good friends

I found this license plate in a garage t'other day.

Yes, I will go. Could you stop bugging me about it. Girl.

Check out a site I stumbled upon Translation Party It takes your phrases and translates them back and forth from English and Japanese just to have hilarity ensue. Nice to see Stevie B. was translated into: Please StevieB's good friends.

Then I tried the phrase: I had nothing to blog about today, so I just posted a link to a fun website. which gave me:

Today, please do not use a link to my site happy blogging.

Pretty cool hu? But, kinda counterproductive.

So is Mr. Happy, happy? Yes, thanks for asking, Mr. Happy is happy and will now go.Girl.


Dead Robot said...

And my blog was the most boring day.

Wonder Man said...

I will check it out

the replicant said...

If I post something good