Wednesday, August 12, 2009


This is a picture of my sofa:

Its full title is the Super-Swishy-Elle-shaped-Sofa-Of-Love. I share this with you not because I want to brag over its panda like softness or its amazing ability to make you fall asleep in a state of total tastefully appointed gayness. I show this to you as a way to explain that I finally added a contact E-mail to my blog.

Over the years in blogland I’ve received a lot of feedback. Having control over which comments were posted helped spam and the (I never use this word) haters. I would however get the occasional:

“Blocking my [hate filled, badly written] comments is against free speech!”
“Jackass, doesn’t post my thoughts on your gay sucking blog.”

I was always confused by this. As my strange tiny corner of the web never espoused to be like Fox News “Fair and Balanced” but, a reflection of my life as a devastatingly handsome* Thirty-seven year old gay guy. This is why I’m sharing with you a photo of my couch. We sit down for five minutes a day and you listen t the crap that’s rolling around in my head. And, I thank you for that.

I had decided that an E-mail address wasn’t needed as the comment section was good enough. Maybe I thought it was too Narcissistic……unlike posting a daily blog about nothing but yourself? But that ends today! An E-mail address is now included in my profile. It’s this is where you can send your attorney’s copyright infringement letters or your notice of slander lawsuits, requests for 8X10 glossies, and to receive a price list for Ziploc bags of StevieB. used jocks. This means you, Anonymous guy who wants to mail me briefs to wear then mail back dirty. This is for you. And if you have any other questions or ideas you’d like to share now you can. Send me a picture of your sofa, we’ll have a sit.

No, really. Take a picture of your sofa and E-mail it to me. I'll do a photo essay.


Wonder Man said...

that's kind of interesting

The Mutant said...

Oh, like the email address wouldn't have useful, ooh, I dunno fucking ages ago. Nice one.

I don't have room for a sofa in my tiny little crash pad, so I can't join in the fun. God damn! Now, about that pricelist. I'm not really into the skiddy jocks thing, any other Stevie B merchandise on offer? How much you want for an old can of corn used to demonstrate the tupperware can opener?