Thursday, August 20, 2009


A couple of years back I bought a Sony DVD camcorder. Loved it, took it everywhere. I have a whole stack of movies from all the big gay cruises and big gay road trips. You want see Steve knock over an entire bottle rum? I’ve got it on video.

I’ve been toying with starting a video web series, some stupid videofilms* to post on YouTube. I'll explain more when I get a handle on the whole idea, for now you can check out this. Just video it, edit out the swear words and post it to YouTube. No biggie right? Wrong, the expensive Sony cam doesn’t have firewire capability, nor does my Mac want to have anything to do with the files. Nope. iMovie won’t even entertain the thought. Y'all know how to convert a VOB file?

Here’s my solution. I've decided to heed President Obama's call to stop the recession by shopping. I’m going to go buy a cute little Flip video camara. It’s so damn cute and shiny! Anyone care for a Sony doorstop?

*Yes, I know that "videofilm" is incorrect. It just reminds me of Home Movies.


Anonymous said...

OMG my internal company instant messaging system has a place for a personal photo and this one has been on my IM profile for a long time! fc

Dead Robot said...

You may want to try an app called Handbrake (free for Macs). That might convert them

Michael said...

Hey Stevie - I LOVE my Flip, I use it all the time.

I got the Flip Mino - it's ok, it's small, but I don't like the buttons on the back as they're touch sensitive and I'm always accidentally deleting files or zooming in on my face when no one wants to see that.

Think about getting the new Flip Ultra that has 2 hours of video recording and get one that has replacable batteries (AA) versus the internal ones that you have to hook up to the computer to charge.

you'll love it and i can't wait to see what you'll do!

The Mutant said...

Kind of serves you right for buying Sony in the first place. I wonder what ever posessed their product development team to decide that they'd build a product that'll only talk to other Sony products, but not all, only some. Ass-clowns, at least you have the good sense and gay man sensibility to buy a mac.

Now, cam it up, Bucko - lets see what you got!