Monday, August 31, 2009


Sunday was spent in the park; about fifteen guys grillin and chillin (I can’t believe I just wrote “grillin and chillin” please forgive me.) Anywho, it was pretty damn fun. Sitting out under the trees and watching a group of manly fags try to use a BBQ grill. There really is no telling how many times the “three second rule” was enacted.

Late in the afternoon I was relaxing by watching the gay rugby guys run gay rugby drills after countless Spendaritas.* I’d call it drunken rugby, but that’s probably an oxymoron. As I watched I noticed something odd, kind of off in the distance…then closer. Something falling from the trees. Leaves….falling from the trees. Like fall. Holy f’in crap, the trees are starting to lose their leaves? What the hell happened to summer and all my plans?

Well, I guess it’s time. This morning without thinking I grabbed a sweatshirt to put on for the early commute to work. Which I spilled coffee on at the Kum and Go. See, normally I would spill Diet Coke on my T-shirt. Which really means the seasons are a changing.

*Splendarita. All the happy, happy joy of a Margarita but none of the sugar.


Dyl said...

Splendarita, that´s a new one on me. Good idea though. I´m sitting here drinking super sweet shandy like a proper Brit abroad. My teeth are rotting at a speed that could be captured on video.

Wonder Man said...

I wish we had Fall here in L.A.

StevieB said...

I discovered Pimms a while back and now keep it in my water-bottle at the gym.

the replicant said...

Ugh, for us down here that means it's almost time for "Summer II: The Revenge".