Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I was whining about the end of summer yesterday so someone sent me this link….

Thanks….I think.

What are your plans for Labor Day or your end of summer getaway? I plan on packing away all of my white slacks and capri length clam diggers. After that we have a great mountain getaway planned. A group of us are going to Estes Park, CO. It’s a little mountain town next to Rocky Mountain National Park most famous for the Stanley Hotel, where Steven King wrote The Shining.

Although we’re not planning on setting foot in the park.….or getting axed. We’ll be spending the days at the local spa getting massages and mani-pedis. Maybe we’ll get really ambitious and do a lip-sync video to a Miley Cyrus song. Who knows?


Christopher said...

Great Video. But did you all make a grill-fest in the Denver park video?

Anonymous said...

Stevie Stevie Stevie. That was sad and wrong and I kinda like that song now...fc

Anonymous said...

Stevie, that would be so cool, if you did a lipsync to a song. I suggest Miley's song.