Wednesday, September 2, 2009


This is the first day to wear a jacket to the office. This means, it’s also the first jacket to be left at the office for weeks to come.

This next photo was taken by Brent Heinze last Sunday. I just want to prove to you what I have to live with… Tom is on the left and my dear Fuzzface is on the right. The LOLcat caption would read: IZ ON UR LAP. SHAVIN MI BALZ


Wonder Man said...

funny stuff

The Mutant said...

Ha ha ha, I love the LOLFuzz photo. I recommend enlarging it and hanging it above your sofa!

BTW, are you really Superman? I keep seeing juys in that shirt, and I want to know which one I should be hitting on. You can't all be Superman, right? Oh well - I guess I'll just keep trying. So, how you doin'?