Wednesday, September 9, 2009


There are certain people in your life that just understand you; even when you don’t understand yourself. Dalton is one of those guys, we lived together for three years. So he has a grasp of the crazy that swirls around in my head. The other day I had made the statement, “I’ll be at home staring at my glass eye.”

Dalton calmly stated “Uh…I think you what you meant to say right there is that you’ll be at home with Pleurosis.”
“When you just mentioned your glass eye, I’m sure you meant that you have Pleurosis. And your Mother is obsessed with finding you a gentlemen caller. Who will hear you say blue roses.”
“Wow, you got all that from the mention of me sitting at home staring at a glass eye.”
Dalton sighed, “Yes, I speak Steve. It wasn’t a glass eye, it was a glass menagerie.”
This is where I chuckled and said “I love it when we sit around and talk about Tennessee Williams. I feel so upper crust.”
“Have fun with your glass eye.” Dalton returned as he hung up.

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Your as cute as a wool covered button. I stare at my glass eye collection all day too, Wow, so much in common.