Friday, September 11, 2009

StevieB...and the case of the fake bacon!

No more homemade blueberry muffins for breakfast. Instead, I’m having this:

A protein shake and fruit. I think I bought the “non-dissolvable” protein powder. Great. Really. And what’s for lunch? Why it’s salad!

I really do like my big salad, it has facon in it. That’s fat free turkey bacon. Now I know why guys with six pack abs are jerks, they’re just hungry. I've also cut back on the Diet Coke but, my plans would be ruined if I got my hands on this.


The Mutant said...

Facon? Facon? You mean that shit really exists? Your meals for the day are so healthy! Makes my bacon and egg McMuffin and hashbrowns look bad, and my double quarter pounder, large fries, apple pie and chocolate sunday look even worse. But I always have diet coke coz it chemically neutralises calories and shit.

But then... Diet coke with bacon!!!!! ZOMGWTFBBQ!!!1!!! Where do I get it... tell me now or you'll end up with a nasty facon induced injury!!! My life is not complete without bacon flavoured diet coke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11!!!!!1!!!!!!!

lelocolon said...

Man I am working out, but I am getting so hungry. Someone at the gym told me to increase my cardio, while taking vitamins. I hope it works, cause I have gaing 16lbs since april, whoever the muscles are growing too. Keep up the hard work. And do not listen to the mutant. He does not have to worry about shit. for the picture itself he looks like he is active the 24 s even. Good for him.