Monday, August 27, 2012

Back to School

Just to make sure I know that summer is officially over; fall semester has started at College. The first day was true to form, our wolf mascots was running around the hall like the star of a Furries convention. Fellow classmates, less than half my age, wondered around wearing ironically ‘80s outfits. I snickered at the Dudes sporting the neon high tops and graphic -insert generic band here – tee shirts. I did it when it wasn’t ironic.

This semester has me in more history classes, as I’m now a “History Education Major” it’s not a surprise. In keeping with my history major, yesterday found me at my old study place, the Coffee Shop on 9th Avenue. On my first day of class it was decided we would write a five page paper on some part of western civilization in the eighteen-hundreds. Because I’m an idiot, I blurted out; “The Treaty of Utrecht” not knowing anything about this topic other than it was printed on the poster behind my Professor’s head.

Sunday, I found out how incredibly dull this time in history truly was. I’ll spare you the details. Unless they make a movie staring Channing Tatum as Louis XIV of France, and a shirtless Zachary Quinto as the King of Portugal you don’t need to know anything other than, France got some ass kicked. I got my paper done for class, which is all that matters. This was done only by imagining Channing Tatum giving up his power to Zachary Quinto.


Pac said...

If you ever need help with historical reenactments, let me know. I've been told my shirtless Warren G. Harding isn't half bad.

Anonymous said...

I could expound on the importance of the Treaty of Utrecht for the European settlements in North America... but you somewhat got me distracted there with Zachary. Suddenly, I will be distracted when teaching the history of New France!

Homer said...

Let me know if you need any interesting history topics!

cb said...

Best of luck in school this year! Study hard, drink milk!

COW milk... you dirty boy!