Monday, November 12, 2012

TED Talk

I am completely obsessed with this concept that Dan Pink convenes in this talk.

I know it's pretty dry, I'll find  a photo of a hot guy tomorrow. 


Erik said...

I completely agree with this. I think expecting a non-morning person to be sitting behind a desk by 8:00 am each morning really wastes a lot of productivity.

Erik Rubright said...

I had one of my best managers ever in the old IT gig I had. He was a total believer in self-direction. And he was a manager who, in what my mind, did what a manager does: he knocked down obstacles for us, and stood up for his people. Sadly, he was canned because upper management didn't like his methods even though we go more work done than the division asked for.

And why does the candle problem candle look like a long schlong? What does that say about my mental well-being?

Wonder Man said...

They watch in my office all the time