Monday, March 4, 2013

I Just Want to Go to Sleep

I am answering questions posted by Sean from the Just a Jeep Guy blog. The questions are based around the bedroom. Precisely sleep.

Number six: What size is your bed and what kind of mattress is it?

Two years back we decided to buy a new bed set. Upgrade to a plush mattress like them there classy hotels. This set into motion letting every mattress salesperson in the tri-county area into our bedroom. We would walk into the mattress section of the local bed store. Choose a side and lie down and start to spoon. This is when the character of the sales person would be tested. We received, “Hey guys! comfy isn’t it?” to “Uhhhhhhhhhhh...... Uhm who’s buying the bed??” One sales person asked if our wives sent us to shop. While another made a reference to how we could make comfy man love on their luxury model.  That’s the one we bought. 

Nothing means Coming Out more than testing out the snuggleability of a bed in the middle of IKEA. Spooning as the sub-urban dwellers wander by in their NASCAR shirts and wide-eyed gazes. 

We bought a queen sized bed. With our massive girth and gravitational pull, we need a king. 

1. What do you wear to bed?
2. Who or what sleeps with you at night?
3. Do you like a cold room or a hot room?
4. Many blankets, or just one?
5. Do you hog the blankets?
6. What size is your bed and what kind of mattress is it?
7. Do you eat in bed?
8. What kind of sleeper are you?
9. What is under your bed? 
BONUS: What won't you do in bed?


SEAN said...

Best answer to that question!

Wonder Man said...

king size is good