Thursday, June 13, 2013

Too Darn Hot

The conversation on everyones lips this week seems to be the heat. Since it’s June, it's surprising to everyone that it gets hot. This is also the time when the Colorado Mountains start to spontaneously combust. They should make the Rocky Mountains out of sturdier stuff they're just going to erupt into flame anytime it reaches 100°?

This also means that it's the season for the first page of Facebook status updates to composed mostly of iPhone shots of car’s dashboard external temperature displays. Here's a typical list of my Facebook updates...

It’s 100°
Wow! 101°
Seriously! LOL 97°
99° That’s Hot! : )
Moby is heading to the gym
100° Burning my ass off. 
Someone make it not be 100° right now. 
Look at this cat! It’s seating in a kitchen sink. 
Mr. Summer, please not let it be 101° for Pride this year. 

We all know it’s hot. We all have the weather app. Your just giving me visual camouflage between my true mission on Facebook. To look at fluffy cats doing “crazy stuff”, and Moby’s abs. 

This got me thinking... I’m going to take a series of photos in October of my car’s temperature display. Then I’ll start posting them in June of next year. “Wow 47°!”  “Geez! It’s 52° today?” Yeah know, just to shake it up a bit. 


Jim said...

I'll be flying into Denver tomorrow! Please order some cooler weather!

Erik Rubright said...

Moby at the gym made me LOL. Sorry, Moby. Love you long time!