Sunday, August 18, 2013

Nice class, Bro

Summer of 2013. The summer of the ironically horizontal "bro striped" tank-top.  Although I loved the summer of 2013, and mocking the boys in their over-sized tank-tops, tomorrow, summer ends. Well, for me anyway. 

Tomorrow is the first day of my fall semester of school. Yes, it's back to school time for your little StevieB. Jeepers, where did the time go? It seemed just  like yesterday I was endlessly whining about how much I wanted my Spring semester to be over, and now school is starting again. 

I do have to warn you. I am taking a psychology AND a sociology class this semester. I warn you of this because I'm sure my blogging will take on a "college student taking a psychology class vibe." You have been warned. I'll apologize now. 

The reason I'm taking these two classes is completely due to the university canceling my super-cool, I-was-totally-looking-forward-to-taking history class with my favorite professor. Then the school called and said, "no one else wants to take that lame class and learn about the Seven Years War." So they cancelled it. Jerks.  How will I get all of my useless trivia about Anglo-French rivalries now? On the streets?! 

I'll attempt to move past this, somehow. If you need me, I'll be in class. Learning psychology stuff. In my tank-top. 

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