Friday, May 9, 2014

Run Stevie Run

For some reason, I can only write term papers whilst listening to the sound track to Run Lola Run.  I have been doing this for so many years, I can't remember how it started. It's just one of those strange habits or rituals that rule my life. Like putting on my baseball cap, taking it back off, then putting on, three times.

That being said, I am now listening to Run Lola Run. For the last time this semester. And despite the fact that I have already written 900 words, I have a lot of times through the soundtrack to go. Even after I caught spell check changing conscious to couscous, as in "the Doctor made a couscous decision to abort the fetus" I have to make my own mediterranean salad made from granules of durum wheat to buckle down and finish listening to Lola for the last time today. 

I do have to apologize though; I guess I have been whining about this term paper so much that even the possibly trans barista at my coffee shop has asked me how my Ethics paper is coming along. By Sunday night it will be turned in, regardless of couscous.

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cb said...

Personally I would have made a lentil choice with fetus.