Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Four Eyes

It is time for new glasses. I've been putting it off for months, and by months I mean a year. But, my procrastination ended yesterday. I was excited more for the idea of shopping for some sexy frames, than being able to see again. I wanted something "Clark Kentish" I imagined pulling my big, chunky black framed glasses from my face. Maybe to prove the importance to an issue I'm discussing with a co-worker. I'd whip my European frames from my nose, pausing, then expressing concern to this quarter's budget. Holding my chunky frame in one hand, I'd say " Look Alex! We need to push the P&L in third" or.... something like that. I don't actually don't know anyone named Alex. You you get the picture; its 20:20. 

My exam went as you would expect a exam would go. Well, until the Optometrist, as he completed my written forms, stated out loud, "God, I can't spell today." And I slowly and loudly recited "T--O-D-A-Y" After what felt like an eternity of him staring blankly into my face, attempting to soak in my.... humor, he calmly explained how I needed bi-focal glasses. 

With my written prescription in hand, I now still seek those perfect new frames. Who knew it would be so hard to find Clark Kent's glasses? 


Blobby said...

Well i would have your comment, not at needing bi-focals.

Pac said...

Your exam when the ... wha?

Fearsome Beard said...

I love finding new frames. My only problem is I can't see them without my glasses on. I have to put them on, take a selfie and then put my old ones on and look at the pic...that or remember to put my contacts on before I go shopping. I don't like my contacts.

anne marie in philly said...

bwhahahahahahaha (t-o-d-a-y).

BIFOCALS? you ain't old enough for THOSE!