Monday, July 31, 2017


I made Mike and the boyfriend, Naveen, sit through a Godzilla movie yesterday. It was Godzilla verses Mothra. No, Not the awesome classic 1964 version. It was an odd sort of remake from 1983. I am finding that both on Hulu and Netflicks, first run classic movies are disappearing faster than King Ghidorah into deep space. (That’s fast). It is exceedingly tough to find and good classic movie. Even ITunes is losing its collection.

Now, I have said many times that I have horrible taste in movies. When Mike the roommate, and/or Naveen settle down with me to watch a movie I wince at the thought of watching any mainstream movie. I will watch it. But, the sound of my eyes rolling may interrupt the experience. I understand that there is a given small amount of 1950’s – 1970’s Science Fiction movies in the universe. This means that my choices are limited, but even with such a small genre you would think that platforms such as Hulu or Netflicks would have a wider selection. Or… still have a wide selection. Because they did. Before they got cool.



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Jeffrey Rich said...

There are the new homage/spoof films, like "THe Lost Skeleton of Cadavera" and "THe Lost Skeleton Returns". Which are both somewhat true to the old forms and poke gentle fun at them at the same time.

It IS difficult finding good old sci-fi, though, isn't it? I keep hoping that there is a treasure-trove of old B sci-fi movies that someone will unearth that we've never seen before.