Thursday, February 21, 2008

Inconsequential Ramble

So accidentally ordered Direct TV tonight. I didn’t mean to, I just went on their site to check out what they had to offer. Oops, DVRing the Big Gay Sketch show. That’ll suck. So for Christmas I got Season one and Two of Dallas on DVD. For my Birthday I got seasons three and four. Thank you Carl. Yeah, I like Dallas the 70’s TV show. I’m sure there are dorky things you do. I do have to pace the watching after I was up until 3AM watching way to much on my Mac all curled up in bed. They tried to make me go to Dallas rehab and I said No, no no.

Since Fuzzy has been working late this week, Harley the Shar-Pei has been hanging out with me on the super squishy ell shaped sofa of love. We’ve been curled up watching Dallas and cruising Big Muscle Bear. I came across of all things a new song by Paula Abdul called Dance like there’s tomorrow, no I did not see it on American Idol. It is really good, Harley loves it and he has great taste in dance music. When he’s not peeing in the hallway.

Today at work was no different then any other I was horribly bored so like every day it seams I had a “conference call” with Frank and Dalton. While we were talking I also googled some new domain names. The first was Stevieb which turns into Stevie then I did one for Dalton, Dalton in New I used NY which came out “Dalto ninny” I found this hugely funny to the point that I could not breathe. Mighty mighty Dalton failed to see the humor in this.

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