Monday, March 17, 2008


I had to teach class at work today. The monkeys never really listen but I talk about teamwork and integrity and they try not to fall asleep. On my way in I stopped at McDonald’s to pick up some bribes or breakfast, whichever. So I approached the counter and asked Jesus for 30 egg McMuffins. He wasn’t the real Jesus just a 19 year old with the same name, in case you where wondering. So I say “Morning, may I have 30 egg McMuffins?” Jesus replied. “ Do ya want deese for heere or to go?”
“Um, to go please. When I stay and eat people tend to stare.” Jesus didn’t even blink, damn he’s good.


romach said...

I have never ever heard of anyone else being called Jesus. There ya go, ya learn something new everyday.

Paul said...

Wow...Jesus works at the McDonalds by our house too....I guess he really is everywhere.