Friday, March 14, 2008

Naked B4 God

Naked B4 God. Oh god Mike Jones, the escort who exposed New Life pastor Ted Haggard now tries to stay in our hearts.
When Mike Jones first came forward and exposed not only the hypocrisy of an extremely right wing pastor who “taught” the evils of Homosexuality by speaking up about their “blow by blow” relationship, but also shed a light on the fundamental Christian church and how it's tiring to rewrite America in it’s own image. I was impressed and a little giggly.
Then he appeared on every news program on the planet exposing the dark secrets and evils of the fundamentalist and gave every flaming drug filled detail. I applauded.
Next was the book with every detail of the relationship and the saga explained. Now, for full disclosure I have not read this book, unless it has Superman as the main antagonist I probably won’t read. But I respected that he held his own feet to the flames to get this documented. How many books are out there by right wing authors spewing forth lies about Homosexuality? Now comes the Mike Jones stage show? Seriously? You can read a blurb on it at This seams to me that now Mike Jones is trying to take his 15 minutes and stretch them as far as they’ll go. It was a great steed he road in on but can we please put this one trick pony out to stud?

Do we need a Ted Haggard all singing all dancing spectacular spectacular? Naked B4 God, at first glance it’s just to stretch out a bit more of Mike’s “day in the sun.” So will I go? Well Mike is kinda hot. Maybe they’ll do some hot nude screens, but how hot is it when you know it’s the pastor of New life Church which pressed hard to pass a constitutional amendment against same sex marriage? Well if he was on bottom then maybe.
More about the Ted and Mike love connection.
And more.

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