Thursday, July 7, 2011


Well the ticket has been purchased. The mid-summer vacation will be the type where you go with your homosex partner to visit their old college town. Visit their old friends, eat at the old haunts and walk the campus again. The entire time with you agreeing, “Yes, this is the best chili ever eaten, No you can’t believe you worked in that random building.” The green lawns I be trudging upon will belong to the University of Cincinnati Conservatory of Music. In Cincinnati. The Cincinnati in Ohio.

The above paragraph may come across as sarcastic yet, I myself have dragged people across cities reminiscing upon the Good ‘ol Days. I once talked a flock of Mos into driving around Stratford High School in Houston, Texas to show the exact spot where fellatio took place between me and the Quarterback. When told that you’re driving next to a park where in 1995 Ty Herndon was arrested for exposing himself to an undercover cop, I understand it would be hard to feign interest.

On this trip there will be a large consumption of Cincinnati Skyline chili and Graeters ice cream. Yet I’ve discovered something that will make me burn off the calories consumed by eating bowl after bowl of chili infused copious amounts of cinnamon, cheese, onions, and spaghetti.

Abandoned subway system.

As you well know I love to dig around abandoned and dangerous urban infrastructure. Cincinnati built a subway in the very early twentieth century then ran out of money to finish the project. My idea of a vacation? Take tours of the abandoned rat infested subway platforms in the Ohio humidity.

I’m one A-list gay.

Other then the big, annual camping trip next week there’s nothing but work for the Old StevieB. Nose to the grindstone work.


the island guy said...

After reading this post, I suddenly really want to eat a bowl a chili! :)

Anonymous said...

Hysterical!!! I still think it is ironic that Ty went to that park and was busted on the evening he was to perform at the FW police benefit.... Used to drive by that park every day on the way to work. Strangely enough I now have a craving for a pickle.....