Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Can’t Stand The Rain

It’s pretty much rained everyday for two weeks now. Around three you can spot the dark clouds roll down the mountains. If your office window faces the great Rocky Mountains like mine does you can watch as the rolling thunder clouds pour over the continental divide like Mount Doom spreading darkness over Mordor.

Yesterday was not different. Beautiful sunny skies helped me with my chores of GRL or gym, run, laundry then the lighting moves in and start the evening cycle. Since this is a daily occurrence you’d think I‘d learn and stay the flack home. But, no this is when I decided that driving around the tiny fictional town I call home would be a great idea.

The thunder and lightning started as I drove down Main Street. The dog, who was more than happy to sit in the passenger seat decided quickly that my lap would protect him from the thundering booms. Hail started to pound the hood of the car as I pulled into the covered parking lot of the local gas station/pizzeria/cell phone/Quinceañera dress shop/stereo/liquor store. The Shar-pei that was more barnacle then dog and I waited out the storm. This is when I saw the sign.

Hot Pizza. It kept flashing on and off right in front of the car. Yes, it would be dinner yet I could utilize it for another purpose. Dislodging the barnacle I dashed in my flip-flops to the store. Then gently strolled back to the car after my purchase of a flat cardboard pizza box umbrella.

The Shar-pei and me in dryer times

The Chinese Shar-pei has been bred over two-thousand years. Part of their breeding resulted in a complete fear of water. You won’t find the waters in the port of Shanghai teaming in feral Shar-pei (s-es-ezeese-ezzzes)

I thought of this only after adorning my pizza hat, grabbing my dogs leash and bolting up the drive way towards the manor house. I quickly was jerked back by a wrinkled boat anchor. This brings us to our protagonist’s final scene. Picture it: Stevie B. running up a wet driveway in flip-flops, a pizza in his head and carrying a thirty-five pound angry Chinese dog.

My life as it has been lived with dignity.

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Wow I can actuallypicturethiw, and I'm laughing my ass off.