Friday, July 1, 2011


The calendar marks this as 4th of July weekend here in the states. This is our independence celebration to commemorate casting off the shackles of our Native American overlords and declared a free nation. True Americans mark this day by making delicious meals of buffalo and corn, not maize and shooting off fireworks to scare the evil Indians back to their palaces in Utah. Sorry, I told myself I wouldn’t cry….

The homosex community celebrates the great battles for independence by stripping down to cargo shorts and flip-flops and drinking a lot of beer. Well, at least I do. And no Mother Earth loving first nationer is going to stop me. On Monday the 4th I’ll attend a BBQ over at a friend’s house. Frank will be grilling pork spare ribs. We’ll sit around just wishing they were buffalo ribs.

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Homer said...

I'm going up north to Flagstaff where it is 20+ degrees cooler.

Underground Dude said...

I just want to drink beer and blow shit up.

the.island.guy said...

I wanna eat that cake!