Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Study Aids

I have been spending every waking moment lately studying for mid-terms. “Wow, mid-terms already?” you ask. I know!

I am having, lately, a huge problem with my western religions Professor. Not the class, I’m getting along swimmingly with western theology, It’s the fact that he’s a sixty-four year old dick bag. Yesterday he was drinking a soda in class as he discussed the Cluniac reforms of the late 800’s. He sat his soda down in front of me and said, “don’t drink my soda, I have AIDS.” My reply was, “Wow. How 1980’s of you.” He stopped, realizing that I was not joining in the joke, “If you really do have the HIV virus, you must really already know that it’s not passed through saliva on soda straws, if you don’t and that was a insensitive joke from the 1980’s I don’t appreciate jokes that are based on ignorance.

He told me to lighten up.

I will. I’m going to ace his class then report his ass to the university. Not for his ignorance of HIV, but for the thousand other misogynistic and raciest, faith based garbage he’s spewing.

Maybe I should take a break from studying for mid-term exams. Just a little bit.


Randy P. said...

Way to go Stevie! Educating the population is a thankless task, but there is some quite person in the back of the class that was cheering for you!

A few years ago when I went back and completed my degree, one of my classmates, a festive black woman, decided to declare something "gay" as it was not to her liking.

I looked at her and said, if my laptop stops working, how would you like it if I called it black. If anything around me stops working, and I declare it black, what would you think about me using that label?

She attempted to say that she was just following popular culture. I said so was the Klan.

Harsh, but sometimes you have to make a point.

Underground Dude said...

Way to be. Silence only makes ignorance like that seem acceptable.

Pac said...

No one would act like such an asshole without a good reason. You were staring covetously at his soda, weren't you. I bet you were.

It occurs to me with no surprise that the ultimate educator in that room was StevieB. I love it.