Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Pac's Panda

Patrick over at Pac's Pad is under a massive amount of work stress this week. I thought I'd try to convey that amount by having a cuddly Panda dramatically interpret his last Blog post:


Pac said...

Wow... Nothing can show you how off-kilter your own worldview has skewed like seeing it in panda. LOL!

Since Morose Panda is not the panda I aspire to be, I've reformed my attitude. Meet Fun Happy Party Panda! (Not to be confused with Jack Black starring as Kung Fu Panda or Homer in a Sim-Sim costume.)

Thanks for this Stevie, you're the best!

Wonder Man said...

That was cute and nice of Stevie to do this

Jim said...

Thanks for not doing one of my recent posts! LOL