Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Sometimes I feel downright cleaver. Like when the female Prostitute approached me on the street the other day, my quick response of “Lady I’m wearing a yellow bow-tie! That should signal to you that I’m very gay!” It helped my ego that she looked disappointed. I spent two days feeling quite smug about my quick sarcastic response.

Today I have spent feeling like a dunce. I didn’t handle the emails warning me that my domain name, was up for renewal very well. I ignored the “This domain name is about to expire” emails because originally it was registered through, and sense we all know what a bunch of Douche Bags they are, I didn’t reply. I planned on just transferring to a new company.

I put it off.

The next I did think about it was when Patrick mentioned that my NTSSB site was dead. Well, if he’s upset then I need to act. The last thing I want is for him to pull quarters out of his ass and chucking them at me. Quickly I went to register the precious name, keeping in mind that and nicetoseestevieb.blogspot are humming right along… or else you wouldn’t be reading this…

This is about the time I began to learn the shady world of name registering. If you let a domain expire the registrar will then charge you $98 bucks. Just to renew it. I think they call it an idiot tax. The only other choice is to let NTSSB fall from grace and when it comes open to the public I can re-register it for $20 bucks. IF someone else doesn’t do it first; like it’s a big flipping deal.

This is an open apology to anyone who has missed my not-so-subtle sarcastic wit in the last couple weeks due to the NTSSB domain not redirecting to my BlogSpot address. I won’t be spending $98 smackers on redirecting you. But, here’s what you missed.

I ran.

I shopped for a new fridge.

I sat in the grass.

I’m an ENTJ.

It kicks like a sleep twitch.


Pac said...

You could take up a collection. I've got $0.75 although I'm sure there's more where that came from. On second thought, I'll update my links and you save that money for October.

Blobby said...

if there really was g-d here, he'd have raised a hand by now.

I guess I'll have to change my link to you.

Pac said...

And I hesitate to mention this – only because I'm not sure how precariously the state of your ego depends on it – but not closing the sale is bound to be a disappointment to any hooker. Especially if the potential john is wearing a well-tailored suit. As for the bow tie, I see your point there.

BosGuy said...

AAHH!!! You're leaving me hanging on the mystery date dude... Did you ever meet up last Thursday?

Wonder Man said...

I figured it out

Erik Rubright said...

I didn't know they jacked the price up like that. I learned something new today.