Friday, July 20, 2012

Under Where?

As part of my daily work life I have quite a lot of Skype conversations. I went from avoiding the whole “video chat” thing to having this as part of my daily Habitrail. Yesterday was no different, Two Skype calls with clients, and one with based on interviewing someone for a new position.

It seems that I have lost my aversion to video conferencing, and it is as easy as someone coming into my office for a conversation. You talk business, and then chat about your day and the weather. Yesterday, after my interview with the perspective new employee, he mentioned that I must be ready to go to the gym.

“Sure” I stated.

“Well, it seems you’re ready to head out to the gym, your gym bag is at the ready.”

Wondering why he knew about my gym bag, tossed behind my desk, I finally focused on my picture in the video chat window. Yup. There was my bag on the video. Completely open with my Under Armour briefs in full display.

I pretty much displayed my undies to clients all day long.


Pac said...

Isn't it annoying when someone latches on to some insignificant background aspect that obviously isn't relevant to the intended subject of the picture, then chooses to comment on that?

Actually, it's kind of fun. :^)

Blobby said...

Here's the take away - at least they weren't JCP tightie whities.

Wonder Man said...

I agree with Blobby

cb said...

at least you weren't wearing them at the time...