Saturday, April 13, 2013

A Clowder of Christians

As I enjoyed breakfast at the hotel this morning a group (what do you call a group of Jesus freaks?) of costumed "Jesus' journey" cos-players entered. In full caftan and polyester robedness. Who new Christ stopped for a night at a three star hotel in Santa Fe? Ironic, horribly rude, and left waffle bar trashed.

Treat thy neighbor's waffle maker as if it was thy own. Take only the cream cheese thy need - so others may enjoy its creamy goodness.

-The scripture of continental breakfast.


Jim said...

I find most zealots are very self-centered and they have "center of attention deficit disorder" (look that up in the Urban dictionary).

Erik Rubright said...

I think they're called "Borg". They try to assimilate everyone.