Friday, April 12, 2013

The Light in Santa Fe

I remember a gay comic, back in the 90s, speak of Santa Fe, NM. “The light, the light you can paint... you can create... yet everything in the town is fucking brown adobe. Can you imagine getting and drunk and telling the cab driver, ‘I live in a brown house.’” Somehow, every time I return to Santa Fe I forget that every man-made structure is covered in brown adobe.  You can’t locate a damn gas station due to it looking exactly like a high-end art gallery, which looks exactly like the capitol building. Brown adobe. 

The latter day spring break road trip; however, is not spoiled by this south-west camouflage. As the dog is colorblind, he doesn't seem to mind the monochrome colors. 
I have successfully eaten every meal covered in New Mexican style green chili. breakfast? Covered in green chili, better. Lunch? Yup, smoother that in south western chilies. 

The only time we’ve stopped the green chili parade is for sopapillas covered with ice cream. After the road trip, I’ll need some major gym time. 

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Erik Rubright said...

Mmm... sopapillas.

Damn. Now I'm hungry.