Thursday, October 17, 2013

No Selfie Control

I’ll admit it. I have no selfie control. This year the term selfie was added to the Oxford Dictionaries* online site where it is defined as "a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and uploaded to a social media website."* Something that gay men, and fifteen year old girls, have been doing since cameras were invented. 

If there is an empty room, with a mirror of relative cleanliness, I’m gonna start pumping my biceps to snap a picture. Patrick, of fame and I have a text history that is a jumble of self-archetyped, self clicked modern kodachromes. followed, typically by “yeah, wear that shirt...” 

Typical "I just ate nachos,
look at my belly"
gas station selfie.
Yet even with my endless bathroom self-aggrandizing turned vaingloriousness, I have one rule... check out what is around me in the room. One slip-up and a snapshot in someones bathroom will lead to years of the image having a huge red circle pointing out the rubber fist that blended so well with the decorative soaps above the commode. 

That is why I was puzzled by a post on OMG Blog. Former One Life to Live actor, and openly gay, Scott Evans has the same fondness for selfies.  The photos do reveal all, so don't follow the link if you are at work. OMG Blog.  Yes, he’s hot, but my first impressions was on how filthy his bathroom was. He couldn’t kick the gym shorts behind the door? really?

I always take windex to the shiny surfaces before I snap. 


Pac said...

I learned long, long ago to carefully vet all pics before sending them to Stevie. If there's the slightest out-of-place detail, he'll spot it instantly. One careless mirror selfie and I'm shamed into throwing out my Axe body wash.

It's become a sort of game between us to focus past the obvious subject of the pics we receive to look for hidden easter eggs (sometimes intentional, usually not) in the background. It feels like finding money.

SEAN (The Jeep Guy) said...

I love messy pics. Once I'm finished eyeing the guy I like to look at what they left out - it's like snooping. I do the same thing with pornos - what's on the night stand.

Like in Scott's pics - he's got several RX bottles, an interesting package (besides his cock) and an interesting little bottle next to it.

Homer said...

I confess, I did not notice the dirty mirrors. DAMN

Erik Rubright said...

I'm bad for looking at the surroundings before I notice what is supposed to be the subject of a photo. This is why I can't look at guyswithiphones without blowing a fuse. I'm always like: "Can't you clean the spots off the damn mirror first?"

Erik Rubright said...

Oh... and to that add looking at bad tattoos. *fuse blown*

Pac said...

Spots on the mirror don't bother me one bit. When I see those spots I think, "Now here's a guy who takes dental hygiene seriously. He not only owns a Water-Pic , that man knows how to use it."

Blobby said...

Pac - you SHOULD throw out your axe body wash. Dove for Men is where it's at. :)

Pac said...

Blobby: The Axe was my partner's, I swear. But I when you're in a relationship you sometimes have to own your partner's choices and throw their crap out.

The Nivea Men 3-in-1 is mine. What can be more manly than using the same stuff to shampoo, wash and shave your nuts?