Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Stevie's Choice

I am glad to say that I have survived this semester of school. Now it’s time to relax and play, “school boy on winter break.” I’m very excited. 

As I’m on winter break, I have time to finally complete some over-due chores. This morning re-ignited a debate in the house. Where to stay the three days before the cruise in February. Or, what gay B&B shall we flop at for three days over Valentine’s Day. As you no-doubtfully are aware, I’m a gay ghetto gay. Meaning, if given the choice in life, I would love to live in the center of a gay neighborhood. Hence the choosing of vacationing a couple of days early in Fort Lauderdale verses Miami before our cruise on the 15th. To enjoy Fort Lauderdale’s gay village. 

The Cabanas
Leather Inn
 Two Guest houses top the list, one The Cabanas Guesthouse and Spa lives up to its name and has a gay men’s spa. Complete with hot stone massage. The clothing optional pool is also a nice, and necessary benefit. The other B&B has a clothing optional pool as well. It’s a... leather themed guest house called the Inn Leather. Seriously. The glossy brochure highlights a real leather sling in every room. Patrick suggested I inquire if they are Corinthian leather. “Our slings are covered in a fine Corinthian leather.”  Well, it will be over Valentine’s Day... Nothing says “I love you’ like an in-room sling. Whilst the Spa is nifty, the Corinthian (as we’ll now call it) also has free WiFi, and a better spread for breakfast... for me.

With either choice there is only 9 weeks until I get to recline next to a pool. All naked. 


Erik Rubright said...

I've wondered before (but not often) how many people get motion sickness. In a sling.

Stevie B said...

Now THAT would be embarrassing.

viktor kerney said...

take pics

Blobby said...

Well, besides that they have "free" wi-fi, don't toss away the practical side of the in-room sling. It will keep your sheets relatively cleaner. I said "relatively" .

And forget pics - take video.

SEAN (The Jeep Guy) said...

Of course the Leather Inn has the better spread...what are slings for?

Uncle Spike said...

Knowing you and your man, I'm wondering what the debate is all about. Stay at the Leather Inn, duh!

cb said...

Leather Inn. And out. And Inn. and OUT.

No contest!