Monday, June 2, 2014

The New Fourteen MPG Baby

Here is a recap on how my week is going...... After five years in a mature sports sedan I finally  broken down and bought....

A Jeep.


Attempting to not be
one of the douchey Jeep
drivers that take selfies
whilst on the highway. 
As with all new Jeep owners, other than pontificating in a dogmatic manner of what things Jeep owners are allowed to drive over, (curbs, grassy knolls, children) I have spent all of my free time shopping for things to bolt on the new baby.  Bumpers, rock guards, and other expensive "off-road" accessories. I had forgotten how off roading, or 4x4 websites are like drag queen dress shops. There's a thousand ways to spend money in an attempt to improve your look; but, very few choices will avoid you looking like Anna Nicole Smith.

During the test drive I did have to test all parts of the 4x4 monster. In attempt to test the quality of sound system I HAD to crank up Rupaul and Lady Bunny's mix of Lollipop. The sales person may never recover.

So.... If you're thinking about birthday or Hanukkah presents for the next five years, gift cards to or would work. 


Pac said...

Road trip! Squeee!

Pac said...

Come visit me! I'll pay for gasoli......... airplane tickets!

SEAN (The Jeep Guy) said...

You know It think you made the perfect choice. Pics? Color? Bunny in the back?

Blobby said...

Of course I had to check: there IS not you big liar!

...and I might not recover knowing there is a possibility that RuPaul and Lady Bunny recorded something together. Yikes. And yet YOU'RE worried about Anna Nicole Smith comparisons.

Congrats on the new ride. You look good in it.

Pac said...

So when do I get to ride the beard?

Pac said...

Jeep! I meant jeep! Of course I meant jeep.