Sunday, August 24, 2014


So as many of you have noticed and sent in questions to the blog; yes, I am dating. Or, to say I'm on the hunt for a quality boy to date. This doesn't mean that Fuzzy and I have ended our eight year run, in fact just the opposite. We're stronger than ever. 

Our tastes have just evolved. He now has a boyfriend and for all intents and purposes, we are in a triad. This means I get two Christmas presents and two birthday presents. Jim, Fuzzy's boy, came along with us on the big gay cruise, and fits perfectly into our lives. 

This also means that I have been exploring the dating scene. I would call it dating; but, really the act entails hunting down and pouncing on unsuspecting twenty year olds. 

What the future holds is anyone's guess. Fuzzy, Jim, and I have started house shopping, but with the understanding that my inner chicken hawk will eventually bring a boy into the happy home. Or, some other situation will dictate the needs of all. 


anne marie in philly said...

interesting! don't settle for blah, only quality!

people grow and change; I am not the same woman my spouse married 22 years ago. but I don't think we could each bring in another. speaking for myself only, my "hotness factor" quit about 20 years ago and retired to FL.

Kelly Stern said...

Wow... very interesting... I think all relationships evolve in different ways over the years and who knows where they will end up... enjoy the extra presents, I know I would... hugs!

Blobby said...

Glad you guys are secure enough in all of that. This could make for some very interesting posts......with video, of course.

Damien said...

So it will become a quad.

Who sleeps in which bed?

And the most important question - who gets control of the remote.

James & Anthony said...

thanks for sharing! It probably feels like a second coming out for you to share this. Not everyone "gets" non-traditional relationship formulations.

We are in a similar situation, just finding it difficult to find the right match for us. Dating is challenging these days. Hard work but lots of potential benefits...keep us posted!