Sunday, April 27, 2008


I just wanted to recap everything I’ve eaten this weekend. This will not include the fact that I ate my weight in Taco bell on Friday. Saturday morning we actually slept-in which rarely happens but Fuzzy still wasn’t feeling well (tummy ache.) I think this was due to his huge concert he was to conduct later that night but I digress. Since the tummy ache we did not make sweet furry love. We had a nice quiet “gym shorts” type of morning, he made coffee and I started the chores, cleaning mostly. We’re still trying to put together the office after moving in together. The topic moved to hanging art. DANGER, DANGER! We proceeded to have a “lively discussion” about what and where to hang stuff. I kept thinking “ Wow, how many gay couples in the history of time have fought over Herb Ritts?”
After sneaking some Peanut butter fingers, not the candy bar but when you drag your fingers through the peanut butter then suck off the yummyness it was way past time for food. We went to Village Inn, a Denny’s type of restaurant awash with pastels and aged Asians. I had the Ultimate skillet, toast and pancakes. Two bites into it asked Fuzzy if they forgot his French Fries, “No just ate them already.” Wow.
Soon it came time to drop off Fuzz for his concert and I met up with Carl n Will for Dinner, still full from Lunch/breakfast. We ended up at Chili’s where we inhaled chili fries and for dinner I decided to have another appetizer. It was intended for a party of four but I finished it off nicely. The concert went well, as much as one can enjoy Mozart on classical organ. Afterwards The Fuzz and I stopped at a gas station for dinner, we selected a nice burrito entitled “The Bomb” and Moon Pies. Washing this down with a nice Diet Coke. We then watched Logo’s Alien Boot Camp until 2AM when my stomach planned a mutiny.


Moby said...

Taco Bell is soooo deliciously evil!

Gooster said...

Good to hear you are getting better! I don't know why your tummy is having a mutiny... maybe it is all the healthy food! LOL! It's fun to have a greasified food feast on occasion!

TankMontreal said...

Wall hangings and home decor in general is the one thing we fight about to no end. Is there a gay couple that doesn't?

MaineCliffDweller said...

You guys must still be under 40 to eat like that!