Sunday, April 20, 2008


I put down the top on the Jeep for the first time this spring. I know when Spring has arrived to the Rocky Mountains when I can drive through the park when the top down and the sound track to Run Lola Run blaring. It’s like when the tulips bloom but more like pansies in convertibles.
I’m in the middle of the ritual of removing the top and listening to Everything But The Girl when the neighbor came out to go to church. The 7-year-old boy ran up to me, apparently he likes to flirt with me. He runs straight up to me and said “ I know a lot about space!” Sooo gonna try that in the bar. I zipped back yeah, what about Uranus!” Pronounced YOUR-ANUS. Then quickly thought, well this is a great way to get arrested. The kid had a puzzled look on his face, Uh… I mean UR-IN-US, the seventh planet from the sun? He smiles, “have a good day!” He turns running back to the mini-van. God, if ya’ll don’t hear from me it’ll be because I’m jail. Have I mentioned how much I hate kids?

Here's a pic of me topless in the Jeep:


Gooster said...

That is a pic of you in your topless jeep, not you topless in your jeep... BIG difference! Now switch up the pic to make it right! ;-)

Christopher said...

Man, I am really digging your hair!