Sunday, June 1, 2008

Hamburger Mary's Alfresco

They say that Denver is behind “real cities” by up to five years. I began to believe this, since I left Dallas I’ve lived without a lot of things that I believe are essential to being a slim, trim modern gay guy. This weekend however we’re starting to be a major Mo city. Yes, Hamburger Mary’s is opening their patio. I have not chilled on a Big Gay Patio since I wore Z Cavariccis. Well, maybe not that long ago.
I think of myself as an eclectic kind of gay, I just may be the last Mo in Denver to really like the Eagle. Sorry, It’s a great bar. I get great service and cool freak watching. While everyone is whining that is “Not good enough.” They will soon being whining that there’s not a Leather Bar in Denver.
Use it or lose it.
But back to the patio, Denver needed a real gay patio bar. Now ya might be thinking “But Steve.. JR’s has a patio?” Okay fine, whatever.
I have to admit that I hate JR’s. this is mostly due to the time spent in the real JR’s in Dallas. Let’s just say that there was a bartender that had my credit card number memorized.
But just go hang out at Mary’s and you’ll love it. It is like living in a real honest-to-goodness big gay Mecca. You can sip on a Martini, then walk down to the Wrangler and get your Bear on. GRRRR!
Next thing you know and we’ll get a gay coffee house, real gay Bingo and then sometime after that gay marriage.


Howard said...

That's great to hear. I've really missed Portland's Mary's for over a decade now.

Anonymous said...

..... I much prefer the JR's in Houston.... they had the best dancers.... and the hamburgers made by that little old woman at the end of the bar - OMG..... only second to those from the Clover Grill on Bourbon St in New Orleans..... mmmmmmmmmmmm...... cn

SharkBoy said...

I've had my very first Hamburger Mary's experience in Palm Spring, if the one in Denver is anything close, you'll have a fun-patio summer ahead.

Come visit you canadian cousins in Toronto, you'll have the rest, coffee house, bingo, marriages...

Kezza said...

Gay coffee house, gay bingo? Whoa, slow down there. I actually consider myself pretty lucky here in Melboune we have a little bit of everything it seems. Our "gay street" mainly caters to drug fuelled twinks, however we now have a choice of two bear bars and a couple of coffe shops and cafes, as well as daytime events instead of the usual Friday or Saturday night affairs (not good for us Nanna's who get to bed by 10:30) but any new gay installation in your town is very exciting.

I've only managed to visit Denver once and at the time checking out the gay scene wasn't a huge priority, considering I was only 10 years old, but I'd love to come back for a visit some day so you'll have to let me know whats hot!

Adam said...

I hated JR's in Dallas, much preferred The Round Up.