Monday, September 12, 2011

Life is Better then the Days Behind

The theme, it seemed last week in the blog-o-sphere was relationships. Relationships always need some sort of attention, if you’re still trying to re-tune your relationship it means you still care. And that is a good thing.

After years together two men can get into a routine, because men are men. If it works for them, who can judge the life they have built. If the routine is unhealthy, say… like why am I always the one man who cleans the shower, then the years of sharing a life together can open up communication as they have designed it.

Whether it’s a relationship where one partner flies off during the week or a relationship that works even though they don’t share a house, I’m sure if asked they’d say that the skin of a cookie cutter relationship wouldn’t fit them anyway. Because, life if better then the days behind.

The unwritten theme of relationships after being together for many years immediately made me think of a very old song. As much as I’m aware that posting a song in your blog to put in emphasis to a point is very “fan girl” I guess I’m guilty. I’m okay with that.


cb said...

What's a "relationship"? :-/

Pac said...

That was nice, Stevie. It sure hits home.

Wonder Man said...

good post

Blobby said...

Edie Brickell? Ugh. Where is the 'unfriend' button?? :)