Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I had to put on a hoodie this morning to take the dog for a walk.

When this happens, I am always reassured that Fall is my favorite season. This is due to the break in the weather. The long, dry summers of Colorado turn into cool autumns. The hot, summer storms end and crisp mornings begin.

Part of this love for cooler weather is the end to air conditioning. I can now open the windows for the first time in months. In the evening, I can crack open the window as I slip into my crisp, cool new IKEA sheets and duvet. A summer of hot sheets is now behind me.

I slip into a cool sheets and drift off to sleep listening to the outside world. The sound of the AC droning on and on is gone and instead I can start to hear the owls coming awake and starting their work day.

As I wrap my duvet around me, I’m thankful for the cool room surrounding me. I listen to the night sounds in our small fictional town wafting in the window. A train blows its whistle in the distance, I’m quickly asleep.


cb said...

It's supposed to dip below freezing tonight. We skipped right over the open window weather.

Anonymous said...

WOW...that sounds so nice! We're going to be moving out of Arkansas within the next year (probably less) and Colorado is on our list of favorite places; specifically the Denver area.

erik said...

Aww. Good night, Stevie B. ;)

Damien Oz said...

Thats a wonderful post Stevie.

Stay snug mate.