Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Snow Day

We have a snow day today in my neck of the woods. I was actually surprised as the announcement of closing schools and local businesses scrolled across the bottom of the screen on this morning’s news. There seems to only be six inches of snow, back when I was a kid we’d have to march up hill to the school bus in two feet of snow.

My house this morning.

Did I just make a statement about “back when I was a kid”?

Great. Snow bound and apparently I get old and crotchety. It is true; I grew up on a ranch, far outside of a small town. The house sat on a long dirt road and it was quite a march up the hill to the paved state highway and the waiting school bus. We were unceremoniously thrown out of the house and told to make it to the school bus on time, but either way to not come back. My long feathery hair would flap in the snow filled air as I traversed the barren, snow banked tundra. My color changing moon boots crunching in the fresh tire tracks, attempting to be quiet and not alert the coyotes.

Okay, they weren’t coyotes. But, the neighbor’s dogs were really mean and would come knock me down and lick me. Their tongue marks would freeze on my face. So, that was bad.

What I'd be doing right now,
if I didn't have to work.
Now I don’t have to leave the house, as I work from home. This also means, I can continue working as the other half and the dog join the neighbors as they organize a block snowball fight in the middle of the street. This will be followed by a History Channel marathon, tucked under the down comforter cocooned the middle of the bed.

I’ll spend my day coordinating Excel spreadsheets in my office. I guess this is payback for being able to spend most of my days in gym shorts and a pillow made late ‘80s Bobby Brown coiffure instead of adorning my thick neck with a tie and commuting to an office. So, go! Enjoy your snow day. I’ll be here. Alone. All I need is my Excel spreadsheets. My Excel spreadsheets and my office chair. My Excel spreadsheets, my office chair and my world wide internets.


Erik Rubright said...

But can you collate?

cb said...

Man, I would have loved a snow day today-- minus the snow of course.

After the 3rd snowiest winter on record here last year, I'd be fine with none this year.

Jim said...

Were you out riding your bike naked in the snow... again?

BosGuy said...

I might cry if I saw 6" of snow at this point in the year. I'm not conditioned to deal with snow this early in the season. It was bad enough that Boston saw flurries this past weekend.

erik said...

Something about that snowmobiler makes me want to guess that he's Russian. Maybe it's the chunky green bike, or maybe it's because he's driving around in the snow naked.

Wonder Man said...

Snow? What's that?

Stephen Chapman said...

"back when I was a kid"... yep, getting old!