Saturday, January 19, 2013

Racist Hunter

When people play the "if you had a time machine..." game, I always find it funny how people answer. It seems i am in utter disgust when anyone answers with some self-indulgent useless foray.

The only correct answer, in my oh so judgmenty opinion, is to go back in time and beat the ever loving shit out of James Earl Ray. Just as he raises his rifle in the inky shadows of that Memphis, Tennessee motel room window. As the crosshairs come into focus, any respectable time traveler would suddenly appear and kick the tempered steel from his hands.

I don't condone violence in my normal life, yet to go all Jason Statham in that motel room, beating the crap out of the man who assassinated Dr. King before he could perpetrate the act would leave me with a clear conscience.

Stevie B, Racist Hunter. I will come for you. Across all of time.

I'll need a costume.


Dale W. said...

and a time machine.

Blobby said...

but like Mr. Strtham, you'd have to do it shirtless and covered in oil.

Erik Rubright said...

You need a mad man with a box. But sadly, that's probably a fixed point in time. :(