Friday, April 10, 2015

'Better Work

Yesterday marked an amazing and scary change in my life. I emailed my boss and turned in a two week notice.

This action was the end result of four weeks worth of interviews for a great new position with an exciting company. It was an unexplainable catharsis to click send on the email.  A moment of feeling the heavy iron shackles beginning to loosen around my ankles.

The irony of the situation was when, hours later, my boss called me. Instead of discussing the email, he laid into the insurmountable pile of work he had lined up for me that day. When he finally finished his lecture on time management, I simply asked if he checked his own email.... The pile of work disappeared, upon his reading out-loud of my gifted mail.

On to bigger and better things. But, as the goddess of irony gives; she also takes. My first week on the new jobs is right during finials week at school. 


Uncle Spike said...

There's something so poetic about this. I can just feel your relief as you see/hear the wind go out of your boss's sails. Good luck on your, uh, finials!

Ur-spo said...

congratulations and good luck.

Blobby said...

Good for you!

BosGuy said...

Great news that you have a new opportunity that you are excited to start. I'm sure you must have enjoyed watching your boss read your email from earlier in the day.

Fearsome Beard said...