Friday, May 29, 2015

A New Room

It has been a week of boxes. A time of seemingly endless folding open, and taping cardboard boxes. To slowly packing items that belong to you. Sifting through what is yours and not yours. Sorting through what is yours or no longer yours. It is funny how things that you always just assumed were yours, somehow get moved to the "not yours" pile. You take what is now just yours and toss it into a cardboard box. Taping up whole thing closed.

Boxes are on the move.  

Waking up in a different room can bring about a whirl of emotions. All in the time it takes to open your eyes. A sense of the  unfamiliar, being a stranger in a strange room. The feeling of freedom. The understanding that the official close to a chapter of life. The acknowagement that an exciting and unknown path has been cleared. 

Boxes are in the move. So am I. 


Kelly Stern said...

Sorry... but you will bounce back and be better for it...

Blobby said...

Reinvention is good. Or can be.

Did you retain custody of the dog?

Fearsome Beard said...

Thinking bout ya.

Nick Mischel said...

"To the left, to the left..."

Nick Mischel said...

"To the left, to the left..."