Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Bed Time

I know it may sound lame, but I can not express how much I love my bed. Just the other day someone commented on why any grown man would need eight pillows on his bed. Apparently, I do. 

Growing up, it wasn't until a whole herd of sisters left the house that I was able to have my own bedroom.  Once that happened, I finialy was able to experience my own bedroom. This has made me appreciate the luxury of an oasis a bed can be. Truly it is the only place to have quality and safe personal time. I urge you to consider not taking the gift of you bed for granted. 

I have eight pillows, and two down duvets on my bed because I know that the bed I curl up in, the one I invite others to share, is my best place for comfort and security. Sleep well. 


Ur-spo said...

When in doubt, get horizontal.

Peter Maria said...

You had me until the "comfort and security" part, what with your night terrors and all. Can't you be more like Homer from The Simpsons and just periodically scream out "Ahhh! Cobras!"?

Fearsome Beard said...

I love my bed too. I have two down pillows and my husband on the other side of the eastern King has 8. Then the four little dogs find their spots around us with the two big dogs on the floor. It's paradise.

anne marie in philly said...

my bed is for me and me alone. and sometimes a cat.