Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Road to the White House '09

Why is it that I cannot escape the presidential caucuses and primaries?

I turned on the radio in the jeep today just long enough to plug in the iPod, but in that split second I’ve heard a sound bite from Hillary who was “connecting to the people” in a diner somewhere in the mid-west. Meanwhile Barack Obama is “calling for Change.” Seriously has there ever been a candidate that does not call for change? I’m sure that Ogg called for change in the way that dinosaurs were being skinned. Did you hear that the creepy Baldwin (well they’re all creepy) but Stephen Baldwin called Howard Stern last week? Keep in mind that he’s the Baldwin that does all the Left Behind movies. He stated that he agrees with Mike Huckabee’s take on the bible and same-sex marriage, that he would ban it if he were President. If there was a poll, I’m sure that Mike Huckabee would be voted “Most likely to have molested a child.” But hell if the Baldwin’s like him…

Why is that Christen fundamentalists hate Mormons so much? The only reason Huckabee is surging is because they’re scared of Mitt Romney. Is it because there’s a group that’s more subversive then them? I don’t think so. Being raised in the Mormon Church I remember being “taught” that the only thing lower than being black was being Catholic, or Baptist, or Presbyterian or really anything but Mormon. So I guess there’s no love lost.

I’m going to vote Democrat. I don’t really care if the party puts up a 1970 Ford Maverick without the Grabber trim package, no spoiler and a non-working 8track player. I’ll vote for it, it’ll have a better foreign policy then any Republican I’ve seen. So if this is the case why, oh why do I need to see long news stories of what pie each candidate ate at a New Hampshire diner? But on the other hand, the one candidate who keeps being blasted for no foreign policy experience, Barak just called both sides of the Kenya conflict to get them back to the negotiation table after the disputed election left thousands dead. Get her.

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