Friday, January 11, 2008

Neil Patrick Harris has Cancer

One of my associates, or monkeys as I like to call them came into my office broken up. Now this happens quite often, some person all rifled up because of something someone did. Sally is late 50ish and everything that happens in the office seams to throw her into a tail spin. I think of the time that the floors were to glossy and were hurting her eyes. She requested that I dull the floor. Today she walks in to tell me that her son was in the hospital and was diagnosed with testicular cancer. I quickly jump into counselor mode. Offer her a tissue and start to talk about her son. She tells me the story of her son’s struggle through the tests and being strong for his wife and kids. I mention that this is not a death sentence. Many people have been faced with this struggle. I then mentioned that Neil Armstrong went through a huge battle with testicular cancer. “And look at everything he’s accomplished.” Sally States “Wow really?” “Yeah and he’s the strongest people I’ve ever seen.” She is obviously relieved, “and to think he went to the moon and back. Well if he can do it I’m sure my boy can!”
It’s just at that point that I realize what I said, What I meant to say was Lance Armstrong. But at this point she is so built up that an astronaut that she obviously admires went through the same thing her son I couldn’t bring myself to tell her it was actually the skinny bicycle rider who wins contests in France . She just happens to have a “Boycott France ” bumper sticker on her car.
So I gave Neil Armstrong ball cancer. Is that so wrong? She’s happy, the son will be inspired life is good, another person helped. Later I tried to retell the story and messed up the names again and gave cancer to Neil Patrick Harris. Cancer for Everyone!

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