Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Shaving cream! Yummy!

On Saturday mornings I get to shower with the boyfriend. This last Saturday no different, I end up shaving while he's under the water brushing his teeth. When Fuzzy brushes his teeth he starts to foam at the mouth like a wolf just got released into a field of fluffy sheep. Frothy foam starts to spray everywhere. He's like a leatherman with rabies. So he’s frothing away when I turn to rinse my razor. Since he’s standing under the water I raise my razor above his head just as he looks up, opens his mouth and starts to rinse the toothpaste goatee from his mouth. Now it’s possible that I didn’t rinse my beard stubble razor into his mouth but yeah I’m sure I did.
On Thursday we leave for the biggest gay cruise in history and he’s the lucky guy that gets to spend a week with all this muscle…and inconsiderate jerkyness.

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FatManScreaming said...

We will be spednign the week with tons of muscle - but I am glad yours will be there!