Tuesday, April 13, 2010


“God that’s better!”

We had just taken down the metal bracket holding up our 20” TV/DVD/VHS monolith. This huge TV had been hanging on the wall of our bedroom since the first Bush administration. Waiting for me to once again slam my head into it.

We recently switched from dish to cable. One of the main reasons was because after our states switch to digital TV our leviathan in the bedroom needed a converter box, and could not be hooked up to the dish without a contractor named George doing some “drywall damage.” This meant having only three channels and two remotes in bed to watch the tube.

Our best relationship talks happen in the aisles of Target. Not really sure, maybe it’s all the red. As we were selecting our next TV Fuzzy mentioned that we’re giving up our VCR. That we can now only watch the porn we have on DVD. A lot of porn by the way. Tons.

This led to a healthy discussion on our moving on from the style or taste of movies we have on VHS. Stepping in the next stage of life of the type of porn we have on DVD. Let’s just say….. less motorcycles and more…. Sportbikes. Uhm, yeah. At target.

So… the new slim LCD flat panel is humming away and the built-in DVD player is easy to use.


Anonymous said...

"Ah Target, Target" -The Countess DeLave fc

Michael said...

Some of my best porn is on VHS! I'm gonna be sad when my little VCR dies.

Wonder Man said...

I had to move from VHS to DVD. Loss of memories in those tapes

The Mutant said...

Personally I'm a huge fan of the 'red circle boutique' I find it highly conducive to such realtionship discussions.

In time you'll realise the world of DVD porn betters VHS porn in every way. No worn tape at the good bits and the ability to skip straight to the gravy-stroke.

Before too long VHS will be but a distant memory, discared like so many soiled tissues.