Monday, April 26, 2010


Have you ever had one of those terrifying moments at the gym? Like you might just rip a muscle off of bone at any second.

Last week I upped my weight on most of my routine. I moved to 65lbs on Dumbbell Shoulder Press,  I started my second set and honestly thought that I might need to tell some stranger where my insurance card is. There was a scary second or two where I doubted that I could lift anything that heavy above my head. But, I pushed through it and got done. Feeling a little un-vulnerable and very vulnerable at the same time.

Lately I’ve found myself being lazy at the gym, I don’t want to count reps or even do a lot of them, so I just do the heaviest thing I can lift (75% of my total lift ability) and just press until muscle fatigue. No counting, no high reps. Easy. Of course there is the ten minutes of sitting in my car in the gym parking lot waiting until I can move my arm enough to put the key in the ignition.


Wonder Man said...

you should count. it's good to know how far you can go.

or you might want to change your routine

The Mutant said...

I think you just need to sell the Kia and buy something with a lighter key.

Or maybe try removing some of those hefty (and hilarious) pooping animal keyrings.

See, I know how to fix a problem.