Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I’ve found myself cut off from the world this week. Well…. The nerd world anyway. The new series of Doctor Who premiered last Saturday in the UK. This is the premier of the new Doctor played my Matt Smith and the new TARDIS design. We here in the states do not get the premier episode until next Saturday the 17th. Stupid BBC America, do they have to ship the film via the RMS Lusitania?

Around Three PM, Mountain Standard Time last Saturday the Facebook updates and texts stated to roll into my iPhone. “Oh my God! It’s amazing.” Can you believe they did blah…blah….blah. (That’s when I covered my iPhone screen.) The blogs and twittery things started to buzz. BBC1 radio started to talk about it just this morning.


A couple of mates in the UK sent me links to see the episode in its entirety. I thanked them but, I just got to see it on the old Boob Tube. Or flat panel LCD screen. So, this week I’m just waiting. Trying to not hear anything. How have I been passing the time? Watching Resurrection of the Daleks because I like to see Tegan leave over and over. Fuzzy and I are also passing the time by watching the last five episodes of season eight of Dallas. Because nothing major happens there. No.

*Stevie rocks back and forth*

“Just gotta wait. Just gotta wait. You’ll see it. Then you’ll be okay. Just gotta wait.”


Dead Robot said...

This season, Dr Who replaces his usually voluptuous female companion with a tiny, floating, cape-wearing alien who has a big head and nobody else can see.

Homer said...

Oh, is this the episode where SDr. Who gets married to a Dalek?

Wonder Man said...

It's good, but you will have to wait.