Friday, June 22, 2012

The Center

Every year at Denver’s Pride Celebration I have an amazing time. Hanging out with close friends as we watch the parade of colorful floats, groups, and utter craziness go by, heading for the Civic Center Park in the heart of downtown. This is followed by wandering around the massive event filled with vender booths, clubs, and fattening food and beer.

Every year, since my first Pride Celebration back in ’89 I also get a ping of guilt. This is because every year since I first matched down the parade route in cut-off Z Cavaricci jeans, I really thought I needed to volunteer for the event. The celebration only happens once a year and is hosted by Denver’s LGBT community center. Every year I think to myself, I really want to do something to help The Center. I’ve gone so far as sign up for the volunteer orientation. Somehow, I made excuses to NOT step up and become a volunteer.

My excuses are lame. I have free time. I want to get involved.

My good intentions have made no progress.

This is why I must be writing about it here. It has prompted me click on the sign-up for information on the next volunteer orientation. If you live in the Denver area, I encourage you to join me. Click here. If you don’t live in the Denver area, I encourage you to harass me until I attend one of the classes. It’s the only way I’ll learn.


daemon said...

One of my best friends Nick is there with his partner Stu. Glad to hear you are enjoying yourself. :)

I volunteer with my LGBT community center here in KC as well as serve as a youth mentor for a LGBT your adults group. Giving back and pouring my life into a cause and people that I care for has certainly enriched my life and added to my wealth of experiences.

Good for you! Little steps, man. The desire is where it starts. Good luck on the follow through. Sorry, I won't nag you. It's not my thing. :)


Wonder Man said...

I volunteer in LA, but not for Pride